Cat offers an amazing class whether it is her vinyasa flow or yin. I love her fun style, great sequencing and postures. Her class is well rounded and balanced, yet challenging enough. She offers many options to choose from making it perfect for new and seasoned yogi’s. Her love and knowledge of yoga reflects in all her classes. I always feel stronger, more grounded and at peace when leaving. And to make it even better she offers the BEST adjustment in shavasana that is out of this world!
— Linda, Cardiff-by-the-Sea CA

I really enjoy classes at Y6, especially [Cat’s] ... My wife and I call [Cat] the “professor.” We mean that in the most complementary way. [She is] so articulate and [her] guidance clear. It’s such a pleasure.
— Gary, San Diego CA

I can’t express how grateful I am to have found your [Instagram]... Thank you for all the handstand motivation, step-by-step guidance and inspiration. Thank you!
— Khushi, India

With your guidance my hops and focus have improved so much already [in handstand]. Thanks for your awesome virtual teaching abilities! Love your dedication to teaching and helping new yogis!
— Anna, United Kingdom

I have gotten further with [Cat’s online guidance] than a paid lifetime video package I got for handstands. Looking forward to more!
— @spikewinky, United States

Catherine guides a fun class that is rooted in a true love for yoga and all of its benefits: physical, spiritual, and mental. Not to disparage other teachers and their styles, but I prefer how Catherine’s class is relaxed — not to the point of distracting chatter! — and still pushes me from start to finish.
— Michael, San Marcos CA

Once I took Catherine’s class ... I realized the way she was sharing her practice also brought so much peace to my life, and when you are a mother of two young boys peace is not something you take for granted! I have been Catherine’s student for over a year and I can definitely say without a doubt she is an amazing teacher who cares deeply about her students. She is able to work with you so you can benefit from the practice in every aspect.
— Maria, Corona CA