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This website is created and run by Catherine Valadez and while she is a seasoned yoga professional, the information found here is not intended to treat or cure any ailment, injury, or physical condition. Please consult with a licensed health professional or doctor prior to beginning any new exercise, nutrition, or lifestyle regimen to ensure that it is right for you. Please always listen to your body and do not push yourself beyond or even to your physical limits.


All cancellations should be made with 24 hours of notice. In the case of sudden illness or emergency, please notify Cat Valadez as soon as possible via phone or text. Rescheduling will depend on session time availability, but you will never "lose” your sessions. For weather or traffic related cancellations, Cat will communicate with client about any road concerns via phone or text within 1 hour of your scheduled session.


I am a certified yoga teacher, not a doctor of any kind, and the content of my eBooks reflect my own training, study, and practice of yoga asana. Everyone’s body is different and some poses just don’t work for some bodies. First and foremost, I urge you to listen to your body always and never force yourself into a pose or transition. If you are not happy with the content and quality of your purchase of The FULL Overachiever’s Guide to Yoga, please contact me at: catvaladezyoga at gmail dot com.


I took the time to write, create and compose everything within this website (outside the web template you are enjoying now). Please don’t steal it. All written content and images, unless otherwise noted, are copyright Cat Valadez Yoga, LLC. Again, please do not duplicate or steal content without first requesting written permission. It’s not yogic, and it’s also not legal. If you wish to share articles or information from here, please do so while giving proper credit to me, Cat Valadez Yoga, as the original creator of that content. Namaste!