Private Yoga

Ready to tailor your practice? New to yoga? In need of rehab or modifications for a past or current injury/surgery? Let me set you up for success!

I limit myself to 3-4 clients at a time so I can really focus on you. Teaching privately is one of my favorite formats, as I have the opportunity to get more creative, break down details, and I get to help your practice in a way I cannot with group classes.

Because learning takes time, I set you up with a series of sessions, allowing space for you to progress over time and effectively hit your goals.


  • New tools and methods to work with your body

  • Gain targeted strength and flexibility for your goals

  • Dive deeper into non-asana aspects of yoga

  • Enjoy the richness of focused attention

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home



2 sessions for $180

4 sessions for $340

8 sessions for $640

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Downloads for new private clients.