Yoga with me on Playbook!


Playbook App: the fitness app where you can learn yoga from me!

You love yoga and you’re eager to get stronger, but you lead a busy life juggling all you do, and you don’t have time to get to a studio as much as you’d like.

That doesn’t mean your yoga practice is out of reach.

Just as the poses to fit our bodies (not the other way around), using my Playbook allows your yoga practice to fit into YOUR busy life, and gives you access to my teaching!

With Playbook, enjoy classes, tutorials, and programs with me from the convenience of a smartphone, for less than the cost of a single studio drop-in class.

What’s in my Playbook

Yoga Classes & Tutorials: Choose from a feed of 10 classes. Every week I post one 10-45 minute yoga class with a specific goal or theme (yoga for bedtime, deep breathing, hamstring strength, etc), often based on requests from subscribers.

Every time a new class goes up, an old one disappears, so you never get bored and you get to enjoy a fresh stream of new classes every month!

Yoga Programs: Yoga programs are outside the 10 class feed. They don’t get archived over time, and have a specific goal in mind to help you build and advance your practice. Daily Deep Stretch is my newest 10 day program of 15 minute classes, with many more on the way!

Coaching from Me: As a subscriber, you are encouraged to ask me questions, rate/review classes, ask for certain content, and interact with me on the app or Instagram so I can truly coach you toward your goals and the deepening of your yoga practice. I’m here to help!

Access to App Trainers: While partnered with my Playbook, your subscription also gets you access to the classes and workouts of other trainers and teachers on the app.



How to get on Playbook:

  1. Download the Playbook App

  2. Subscribe with the FREE 7-day trial

  3. If you like it, stick around and keep practicing

  4. Help me help YOU! (this is where the magic happens) Rate classes, leave reviews, and tell me what classes you want coming up. I’m here to teach, coach and motivate you to uplevel your practice and #bendstronger!

The investment?

A monthly subscription is $14.99, quarterly is $39.99 every 3 months, or you can set it up annually for the best value at $99 (just $0.27 per day).