Clear. Heartfelt. Smart. Practice.


Like so many, yoga healed me from the inside out. My mission now is to pay it forward, because these teachings are too good not to be shared.

This love affair with yoga began 14 years ago, and I’ve been walking the path of this calling to teach since 2011. I have been influenced by everything from Ashtanga and Iyengar, biomechanics and somatic movement, to Bhakti, yin yoga and mindfulness practices.

Teaching yoga is all I do (well, aside from the daily life of parenting and adulting)—I am fully invested in this path. I am Yoga Alliance certified and registered, with over 500 hours of training, and over 2,500 hours of experience teaching to students of many backgrounds, at studios, gyms, homes, offices, and parks.

I blend a respect for yoga tradition with an evidence-based study of anatomy and biomechanics to keep students safe and heavily focus on empowering students to make the practice work with their body. My goal is always to go beyond guiding a class—to teach this practice in a way where, over time, you will have the tools to take it home with you and continue to reap the rewards of practice.

My approach in class weaves together play, breath work, mindfulness, and intention. In my class, you will journey through a carefully crafted sequence designed to create warmth, space, awareness and balance in the body, mind, and heart.

On social media, I share my practice journey and teaching on Instagram and Facebook via my #overachieversguidetoyoga posts which clearly break down foundational poses and common pitfalls so anyone can navigate them in their practice, allowing you to #bendstronger.

I am a natural teacher grateful for the opportunity to guide others, eager to share what I have learned, always seeking to learn more as a student myself on this lifelong journey.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, I spend time with my clever 5-year-old son where we live in North County San Diego, and enjoy my down-time in nature going on hikes, reading, creating, and traveling.