Yoga is an opportunity to transform. We bend and strengthen our body, and in the process, we bend our heart and mind to connect with our inner Light, which is the same Light within us all.


What people are saying



- San Diego, CA

“Cat is a solid, knowledgeable yoga instructor. She is very safety and foundation building oriented, so her students are in great hands as they learn at whatever level they are working at. Because of her knowledge she is able to modify for injuries/limitations and also make recommendations for ways to accelerate progress. She is equally able to meet me on the mat as she is a newbie, and I have been practicing for 20 years!'“


- San Marcos, CA

“Cat cares about each student individually. She is personable, approachable, discrete, encouraging and an experienced instructor. Student safety is her first priority. Simply the best!”


- San Diego, CA

“Cat is one of the best. She puts together flows that are mindful, fun and centered around your breath. She is sensitive to injuries and offers a myriad of modifications. I trust her! And she is such a genuine person who truly cares for her students.”


Upcoming Events

Mindfulness on the Mat

Jan. 19th 2019

Just Yoga Wildomar

This workshop is about slowing down and finding presence in your yoga practice and life. Create body, head, and heart space. Manage stress, time, relationships and overall wellness with grace. Part discussion, part practice. All levels welcome!

Treat Your Chaturanga

Feb. 28th 2019

Yoga Six 4S Ranch

For students who feel even a little unsure of how they’re supposed to "take a vinyasa" in class. Stability and strength in chaturanga and upward facing dog is the key to unlocking your vinyasa practice, and sets a foundation for happy shoulders and wrists.

Photo by  Calder B  on  Unsplash

Photo by Calder B on Unsplash

Equinox Restore & Rebalance

March 23rd 2019

Just Yoga Wildomar

Rebalance and restore your Self! A deeply restorative practice coupled with aromatherapy, followed by a blissful transition into Yoga Nidra, “yogic sleep”, where you are guided into a deeply relaxing extended final rest (savasana).

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Can’t make it to class? Take class with me right here on the web or your phone, and practice from the comfort of your own home.



Inspired by my popular #overachieversguidetoyoga tutorials on Instagram, my eBook is designed to help you cultivate stability and strength within your yoga practice.

Read about and see the most common misalignments and practice pitfalls in a broad spectrum of familiar yoga poses, presented in a clear, understandable way.